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Richmond, KY
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Parking Lot Striping

parking lot striping in progress

Ensure order in your lot

Everyone dislikes a shoddy parking lot. They are confusing, disorderly, hard to maneuver, and prone to causing accidents. Parking lot striping, also known as traffic marking, makes your parking lots and garages safer and more attractive. Your parking facilities are the first part of your property that potential clients, customers, and visitors will experience. A poorly kept and chaotic parking lot can affect the long lasting first impression that people will have of your business. Freshly striped paint is a quick, simple, and low-cost way to improve the positive qualities of your property. The quality workmanship of our professionally trained painting crew is the best in the Bluegrass. Impress everyone right from the minute that they pull into your parking lot with affordable parking lot striping from S.T.O.M. Contracting in Richmond, Kentucky.

Navigate with ease

Parking lot striping shows traffic directionality. It helps drivers identify where to park and where not to, handicapped spots, loading zones, pick-up spaces, delivery spaces, and more. Painted arrows indicate the flow of traffic that drivers should follow. Stop lines are necessary to prevent fender benders and avoidable collisions. More than 50,000 parking lot accidents are recorded annually, resulting in over 60,000 injuries estimated each year. Keep your parking lots and garages from becoming costly and stressful. By painting your parking lot, you can avoid liability suits and legal fees. You could be held liable for injuries or accidents that occur on your property. Avoid headaches and potential dangers by increasing safety for employees, visitors, and patrons as they enter and exit your parking lot.

Crisp clean lines

Stripes, letters, numbers, arrows, curbs, stop lines, light pole bases, special symbols, and logos… The list of what our team of parking lot striping experts can paint is endless! Our design professionals can help you determine the best layout and flow for your lot to meet your specific parking lot striping needs. Our expert designers will help you decide the direction you want your lot to move. Or if your lot is already laid out, we can paint over existing lines to keep your lot looking crisp, sharp, and organized. With industrial grade paint that’s made to last, we offer an array of paint colors to choose from and to indicate different types of spaces, zones, and lanes. We use laser guides to ensure perfect results every time, and spray shields to protect your property. S.T.O.M. Contracting is also available to sealcoat your parking surfaces prior to striping them.

Eliminate stress and increase occupancy

Keep people calm and happy before they enter your establishment and help them maintain that feeling when they get into their car to leave the premises. S.T.O.M. Contracting ensures that your new parking lot striping meets all mandatory legal standards and will make certain that your parking facility complies with all updated regulations. By utilizing these standards, you can optimize the flow of traffic within your parking lot. By maximizing the amount of parking spaces allowable, you will accommodate the greatest number of cars possible into your parking facility. Keep your lot full of happy patrons without getting into trouble.