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Richmond, KY
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Parking Lot Maintenance

parking lot that will need parking lot maintenance

Park your concerns at the door

Parking lot maintenance is a property management must. The more maintenance you can employ, the better your business will be received because people will see the difference. It is an easily forgotten task, and yet one of the most important maintenance items that you need covered. Don’t put off hiring a reliable maintenance crew to clean up the chaos of this high traffic area. Time sensitive inspections on a regular basis will ensure that any damage is found before it quickly escalates into a bigger problem. Above all, a well-maintained parking lot is an especially valuable asset to have. Customized parking lot maintenance with S.T.O.M. Contracting in Richmond, Kentucky will leave your parking lot in top notch condition.

Let first impressions drive your success

The aesthetic of your parking lot is one of the first things that a customer or client will see when they visit your premises. Valuable first impressions will be made about your company based on this perception, and will determine if a customer or client will want to return to patronize your business. The appearance of your parking lot can also influence potential tenants for commercial property rentals or sales, as well as lessees to apartment complexes and homes. A clean parking lot lets people know that you care about them. Create a welcoming space for your customers while they visit your establishment. Utilize S.T.O.M. Contracting parking lot maintenance to boost your curb appeal and increase your property value.

Parking lot maintenance with S.T.O.M.

Preventative maintenance goes a long way. S.T.O.M. Contracting will help you will stretch your dollar and save you money. Regularly scheduled parking lot maintenance can decrease your repair costs over time. Some of the ways that S.T.O.M. can support the sustainability of your parking lot include:

  • Routine sweeping and cleaning to remove dirt and debris. This allows our technicians to see what may need to be repaired or repainted in a timely fashion. This also removes corrosive chemicals from leaky automobiles that can rapidly cause disintegration of your parking surfaces.
  • Adding life to your lot by prohibiting water damage before it occurs. Rain and snow cannot permeate fresh layers of asphalt through cracks and holes that may appear over time.
  • Sealcoating. This process renews the surface of your parking lot. Adding another layer of asphalt makes it look brand new again, and offers protection from the elements.
  • Drain cleaning. Having a proper drainage system installed prevents elements like rain, snow, and ice from creating structural damage and dangerous potholes. These can cause horrible falls, generate damage to vehicles, and produce conditions that are unhealthy and unhygienic.
  • Optimizing parking spaces. By striping and repainting faded stripes and lines, we will ensure order in the parking process, prevent accidents, and increase safety.
  • Reducing liability. It is always a priority to keep customers, vendors, visitors, and employees safe from harm’s way.