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Richmond, KY
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Grade Work

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Level up with S.T.O.M.

Grade work is an extremely important first step in creating a functional, healthy, and beautiful landscape. Before anything else is planned for your outdoor space, let the efficient professionals at S.T.O.M. Contracting sculpt and protect your real estate from the elements. Whether you plan to install a gorgeous garden, protect your property from precipitation run-off, or pave a new parking lot, don’t skip the vital process of grading your land. At S.T.O.M. Contracting we believe that every customer has a unique property we can protect and preserve with our professional grade work services.

Keep your real estate above water

Don’t let inclement weather such as rain or heavy snow destroy your horticultural and structural investments. Avoid drainage issues with grade work from S.T.O.M. Contracting in Richmond, Kentucky. Our professional grade work crew will create gently sloped inclines around your property so that water moves away from your structures and plantings to prevent erosion of your landscape. This can be accomplished for any type of building, either grassy or ornamental landscaping spaces, or to prepare and protect existing hardscapes such as:

  • Driveways
  • Courtyards
  • Playgrounds

  • Walkways
  • Dining areas
  • Parking lots

  • Decks
  • Gazebos
  • Pool areas

  • Bike paths
  • Tennis courts
  • Greenhouses

Leave it up to the professionals

Like most important maintenance issues, proper grade work requires professional assistance. Many property owners have found out the hard way when their DIY grade work jobs have failed, causing excessive damage and creating huge financial losses towards materials and repairs. By clearing away the top layer of soil and moving the dirt underneath, we will achieve a correctly graded surface. Our knowledgeable team will then determine if your landscape would benefit from drainage installation to further assist gravity in water removal. After confirming that the new foundation is solid, our crew will replace the grassy sod onto the newly graded earth. We facilitate topsoil and additional sod as needed for your project, and never contract out our work to other companies. Let the professionals at S.T.O.M. Contracting calculate your appropriate grading needs.

Grade work for your future

Grade work directs the movement of water flow through your property to help you avoid:

  • Free flowing water that can cause erosion.
  • Standing water that can create a perfect haven for mosquito populations to grow and thrive as well as other pests.
  • Structural damage to your foundations and basements.
  • Dangerous mold and moisture issues. Your health is important!
  • Treacherous icy patches. Help prevent avoidable slips, slides, falls, and accidents in the winter cold.
  • Muddy shoes and boots entering your premises.
  • Unhappy neighbors affected by the storm runoff from your property.
  • Money lost in landscaping costs. Plants, trees, and shrubbery die from pooled water that causes root rot. A flooded growth plane can also cause trees to uproot in the event of a strong storm.

Get more than surface level service with S.T.O.M. Contracting.