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Richmond, KY
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Drainage Installation

drainage installation

Standing water got you down?

Proper drainage systems are especially critical for stabilizing your real estate from the elements. Don’t drown in the financial burden from lost investments like cracked foundations and destroyed landscaping. Look no further than S.T.O.M. Contracting in Richmond, Kentucky for superior drainage installation systems to protect the integrity of your assets. With our custom approach to each new project, S.T.O.M. will be there to make certain that all your commercial and residential needs are met with our affordable rainwater drainage installation system plans. From surface to subsurface and storm drainage too, our pricing can’t be beat!

Wash your worries away with S.T.O.M.

Installing a S.T.O.M. Contracting drainage installation system will:

  • Prevent structural damage to your foundations, basements, and outdoor spaces.
  • Put a stop to free-flowing precipitation that causes erosion.
  • Stop dangerous mold from growing and potentially harming your health.
  • Move standing water to stop pesky mosquitos and other insects from multiplying and infesting your outdoor spaces.
  • Retain financial losses to landscaping costs. Plants, trees, and shrubbery die from pooled water that causes root rot. A flooded growth plane can also cause trees to uproot in the event of a strong storm.
  • Help everyone avoid slips, slides, falls, and accidents on treacherous icy patches on roadways, walking paths, and in parking lots. Prevent avoidable mishaps in the winter cold.
  • Maintain an atmosphere of friendliness with neighbors that could be affected by the storm runoff from your property.
  • Keep muddy shoes and boots from making a mess in your property.
  • Maintain the grade work of your landscape to prevent excess flooding.
  • Save money on utility bills. It costs more to heat or cool a building when there is excess moisture in the air.

Keep your investments safe and dry

Because it requires special skills and tools to plan a drainage system correctly, it is always best to hire the professionals. Attempting to install a system on your own can result in unnecessary disaster, and forgoing drainage may also destroy your property over time. S.T.O.M. Contracting knows how important it is to have drainage in place to prevent damage from water flow for years to come. Your livelihood is built around your property. We utilize the best made to last materials and make certain that you won’t have to worry about the integrity of your assets in the future.  

Professional drainage installation with S.T.O.M.

From a one pipe system to multiple channels of pipes to move heavy flows of excessive water, planning your drainage installation system with S.T.O.M. Contracting will also preserve the structural soundness of your foundations, landscaping, and investments. First, we will determine where excess quantities of water are originating, and then follow the flow to where it is potentially creating problems. With your help and knowledge of your landscape, we will then decipher what your premises requires and where we will lay out your system. The team at S.T.O.M. Contracting will create a plan to properly execute the layout, excavation, and installation of the pipes, channels, and outlets. Additionally, we will finalize your drainage installation by covering up the system, leaving your grounds looking neat and tidy.

Don’t let standing water get you down!