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Richmond, KY
(859) 314-8066


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Quality design, quality construction

S.T.O.M. Contracting offers building and design processes for all your residential and commercial construction service needs. S.T.O.M.’s efficient construction team works quickly and reliably with an eye for detail. The possibilities are endless with S.T.O.M. Contracting as we can build practically anything that you can dream of. We are focused on the details because we enjoy watching your new project succeed. For quality design, quality construction, and service that you can’t get anywhere else, contact S.T.O.M. Contracting in Richmond, Kentucky.

Construction with an eye for detail

From the planning phases to the execution of your construction project, the professional team at S.T.O.M. Contracting will be there to see your plans through from start to finish. We anticipate the day-to-day plans of action and construction events that will occur at your building site so that everything runs smoothly, according to plan, and confined within our predetermined budgetary agreements. With an eye for perfection to catch every little detail, the professionals at S.T.O.M. Contracting are there at every step along the way to remedy any issues that arise as the construction process is completed.

Communication is key

Not only do we provide construction services, but we can also provide all the services that go hand in hand with your project. From drainage installation, grade work, and deck construction, we can do it all. We can even prepare your parking lot or driveway, or renovate any preexisting structures. At S.T.O.M. Contracting, we take pride in our coordination and communication. We already have the necessary relationships with terrific subcontractors, and our ability to coordinate between them is a great asset to your project. From estimates, scheduling, design creations, pulling permits, and project timelines, S.T.O.M. will lead the way and find solutions to every potential construction obstacle.

Keep your project running smoothly

S.T.O.M. Contracting makes everything run smoothly and efficiently by keeping everyone on the same page during the building process. We provide subcontractors for plumbing, electric work, HVAC, roofing, fire prevention, lighting safety, and more. Let our general contractors provide the quality control that you need and get daily updates from one point of contact instead of many. By having one general contractor to speak with, you will save yourself time and energy and eliminate the unnecessary headaches of attempting to manage your own project. This also helps to ensure that your project receives gold star inspections. Final inspections can be stressful…avoid the tension and let S.T.O.M. Contracting handle all the worry!

Rates and materials that can’t be beat

S.T.O.M. Contracting will keep your new construction project on task from the beginning of your project without going over budget. We understand that budgeting is one of the most important elements of new construction, and aim to save you money by being your one stop shop for materials, equipment, labor services, and subcontractors. The team of contractors at S.T.O.M. have specialized skillsets and access to contractor discounts and deals. We find rates and materials that can’t be beat for high quality workmanship that you won’t have to question. Let S.T.O.M. Contracting be your unilateral source of contact and project management for all your construction needs.

The possibilities are endless with S.T.O.M. Contracting.